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Message from the President, Makoto Ishii

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In 2018, we make further efforts in activities to "provide IT solutions and services using leading-edge technologies".

Information technologies in the world are evolving into a higher and more precise level at an amazing speed. A company needs to utilize the most advanced technologies such as digitalization, AI, or blockchain in business to accelerate innovation and growth. The competitiveness (Visionary, Flexibility, Speed) of a company's IT is directly linked to the company's growth.

It is our mission to contribute to customers' business growth by always working closely at customers' business frontline, developing strategic systems to generate competitive advantages, and deliver them to customers, as well as solve "employees' concerns" such as workstyle innovation. Corporate IT systems are consistently required to have capabilities to quickly respond to the changing business environment, create a crucial moment of business success, and develop an agile IT solution to provide a differentiator from competitors.

It is an important role for our engineers to work on "the most advanced IT". We will strive to enhance our capabilities to provide various good IT systems and good IT services toward customer satisfaction, by utilizing our expertise and know-how accumulated through the experiences in various fields of Panasonic Group's business on a global basis.

We are putting up the slogan, "Accelerate IT Innovation". As "an IT company that accelerates and executes IT innovation" to contribute to customers' businesses with the cutting-edge IT, that is, as a system integrator in charge of development, deliver and operation of various IT systems for a broad range of business fields, we will make further efforts to contribute more to our customers.

Makoto Ishii, President