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Message from the President, Hajime Tamaoki

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Panasonic Information Systems will lead customers' business transformation with high-quality IT.

In these days when the pre-conceived ideas of the world are overturned very easily, when the business environment changes rapidly, and when we are forced to respond those changes quickly, the role and responsibility of IT is becoming more and more important as a management base that promotes changes with quick decision-making.
In addition, to improve customer experience (CX) which are indispensable for enhancing business competitiveness, it is also required to have the capability of a cross-cutting and overall overview of the corporate organization through IT.  And we must continue to promote digital transformation (DX) to improve the quality and speed of our business.

We will responds to such IT needs with "the latest and most advanced IT technology", "reliable technologies for application and infrastructure" , "excellence of knowledge" and "know-how in the GEMBA fields" which cultivated through various business areas and global operations in Panasonic group.

And we will ensure to be a business partner that creates new values together with our customers, as a system integrator which is capable of providing solutions that utilize the latest IT, and which is also developing, deploying, and operating variety of business IT systems.

May 2021

Hajime Tamaoki, President