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Message from the President, Makoto Ishii

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Moving forward, our company shall raise our activities to "provide IT solutions and services using leading-edge technology."

Every day, the world’s information technology continues to evolve at an amazing speed, becoming even more advanced and precise. A company needs to utilize the latest and most advanced technologies such as Digitalization, IoT, AI, and Block Chains in business to accelerate innovation and growth. That is, the competitiveness (Innovativeness, Flexibility, and Speed) of a company's IT is directly linked to the company's ability to grow.

It is our mission to contribute to the growth of our customers’ businesses by working closely at the business front-line of our customers along with developing and installing strategic IT systems that generate competitive advantages as well as to solve "employees' concerns" such as those typically included as aspects to change in workstyle innovation. Corporate IT systems consistently require items including the ability to respond quickly to changing business environments, a freshness that creates crucial moments of business success, and agile solutions that differentiate the company from its competitors.

One of the important roles of our engineers is working on "the latest and most advanced IT." As Panasonic expands its various business areas, we will strive every day to satisfy our customers with a wide range of good IT systems and good IT services by utilizing the reliable technology for, reliable expertise regarding, and know-how for the mastering of applications and infrastructure that we have accumulated through many different types of businesses on a global scale.

For our slogan, we have chosen the phrase "Accelerate IT Innovation." As "an IT company that accelerates and executes IT innovation" to contribute to customers' businesses with the latest and most advanced IT, that is, as a system integrator in charge of development, installation, and operation of a wide range of different types of business IT systems and as a business partner that creates new value together with our customers through new services that make use of the latest IT, we will make further efforts to contribute more to our customers.

April 2019

Makoto Ishii, President