Privacy Policy

We strongly recognize our social responsibility in obtaining and using the personal information (including specific personal information) of many customers during the operation of our information service business. To develop rational risk management measures on personal information, we have established personal information protection measures as described below.

(1) Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information

We will establish the personal information protection and management system with consideration of the nature and scale of business and develop appropriate internal rules in the case of acquisition, use and provision of personal information.

Upon acquisition of personal information, we will clarify the purpose of its use and handle it within the range of necessity to accomplish such a purpose. We will also establish the system to prevent utilization other than for the intended purpose and comply with the regulations.

(2) Legal Compliance of Personal Information

We comply with laws pertaining to personal information protection and all regulatory compliance laws of the country.

(3) Safe Management of Personal Information

We have implemented preventive measures against illegal access to personal information, as well as loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, to ensure the safety and accuracy of such information. In the event that any problem occurs and/or a sign of any problem is observed, we will immediately undertake corrective/remedial measures.

(4) Response to Complaints and Consultations

We respond cordially and quickly to complaints, consultations, inquiries and requests for disclosure pertaining to the handling of personal information.

(5) Establishment of Personal Information Protection Management System and Its Continuous Improvement

We maintain handling personal information appropriately and periodically review and continuous improvement in accordance with our personal information protection management system.

Date of Enactment: April 1, 2002
Date of Revision: December 11, 2018
Hajime Tamaoki, President